Rita McAlonan

Rita McAlonan is a Energy EFT Master Practitioner in Crumlin, Northern Ireland

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Hi, I'm Rita McAlonan.  I was first introduced to EFT a few years ago by a practitioner who I went to get help for some issues I was having and was feeling 'stuck' in my life.  I was also introduced to NLP and found that these two modalities made such a difference to my life.  I completed a diploma in NLP and then in 2015 I completed Level 1 of EFT and went on to become a Master Practitioner in EFT.  I then went on to train as a practitioner in Matrix Reimprinting using EFT. I use these therapies in my business and personal life but I find the EFT easier and much more accessible for everyone and anyone.  I especially love using EFT with kids.  I use it regularly with my children and love that they have this as a tool on a daily basis if they need it.  I find using EFT with my children strengthens our bond and enables us to work through an issue together and move on from it quite quickly.  I have one child who finds it hard to say how he is feeling so EFT is like magic for him because we can tap content free or use shapes or colours.  

I am also trained in Trauma and addiction, Mindfulness, Children’s meditation and Reiki.  I am also a fully trained Childline Counsellor.

I love Energy therapies and love the results I have seen with clients, family and friends. I currently teach people how to manage stress, reduce negativity, and practice self-care, meditation and move forward with their lives through a program I compiled which incorporates EFT called The Mental Diet. 

My real passion and goal is to help children to access life and education and empower them to be themselves from as young an age as possible.  I have a son who has specific learning difficulties of Dyslexia and Dyscalculia and the unnecessary pain and suffering he has had to go through in his short life could have been avoided.  I also feel very strongly about educating the wider community on these SPLDs and how these children and those who may be on the Autism Spectrum need to be valued and understood. I am a Senior Practitioner at Tappy Twins Ireland which helps children and young people Feel Good Fast and this has truely been the icing on the cake :).

For more information have a look at my Facebook page or web page You Are Not a Full Stop;. I think this speaks volumes as often we think 'This is it!' but our journey is not over and we have the power to change our lives and we might just need help filling our toolbox with the resources we need to do this.

I welcome clients of all ages for 1:1 sessions and group sessions


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